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I have been debating to myself if i should put this up or not because im 100% if bliz knows alot of ppl are using this they will fix it imideatly… oh and sorry for my spelling in advance lol.

anyway i decided to post this because its just a game lol lets let every one have fun =P hmmm i think that it for the intro lol errrmmm oh and one more warning for the #1st case users (you will read what that means later) when this is patched blizz wont say anything to anyone we will just find out… so if you have $16 on your account andd need it for somthing else i wont risk using it on this because there is always a chance you migh get billed after they patch it i guess but again that my opinion…

Have you ever needed to login to WoW and your account was expired and your wer like OMFG WTF?!? Fear no more! **cough* imune to fear *cough** rofl well… there are two cases to this…

1. If you have money on your debit/credit card but dont want to use it.
2. If you DONT have any money on your credit/debit card.

Lets start with case #1 shall we? Yeah well anyway. Lets say you have money on your card. This will let you actually play a longer period of time without paying. This is what you do. Ill just tell you how to do it so it works then ill explane why and how it works.

1. Login to and go to account management.
2. Go to the payment page.
3. Enter you card info and pay for 1 month subscription.
4. And press update and what ever so it basically says “Congardulation, you have activated your account and are ready for playing” or somthing like that.
5. Okay… now login to the game. And log in to your main character, it can be any actually….
6. now after your in the game, alt tab out. Its very important you AltTab out and not close the game.
7. Go back to the account management page then go to yout subscription plan page again.
8. Now cancel your subscription! (You are still logged in with your character in the game)
9. Boom now you play for free until you log out! You will not be billed! Wootness! i win! lol…

But remember if you log out you will not be able to log back in again…. So be careful not to get any DCs hehe =P

Okay now the unknown side of this. Im not sure how man times you can do this in a row, I dont recomend you do this more than two times within 24 hours, 36 hours would be better in my opininon because the billing system works on every 12 or 6 hours if im not mistaking. But im sure you can do this at least 2 times in a row because it has been tested. You can do this as must as you want on other accounts as in… You can do it for your account… Then at the same time do it for your friends account, and vise versa the next day. so your cards would be in use 48 hours each. Again i dont recomend you use this methot on a regular basis… Because i do not know the what the consiquenses can be, even thogh i dont think they can be major consiquenses because you can always say, i wanted to play then i decided not to lol… so i took my card out…
If you do not remove your card within 6-24 hours you will be billed. I am not 100% on the (6-24 hours) but im pretty confident.

How this works—

Well i know some imformation about banking and credit card billing and stuff. This is how it works. When you put in your infor for bliz to bill your account, it does not the cash out of your debit card instantly, it takes some time to process the order. So while its processing it you CAN use your account. And when you cancel your account bilzzard forgot to add a script that checks to see if your online in the game in order to kick you out. And when you cancel the plan, it does not bill you because bilzz cancels your order and refunds your money. (When i say refunds your money it doesnt mean it has takin out money to refund it, it has takin out shall i say virtual money that has not actually been taken out)

Okay… now to do the same if you do not have any money in your debit/credit card account.
From what i know this will only work once for a 24 hour period until the bank trys to pay blizz the amount you owe them (remember the processing time) and that takes about 24 hours or so. So blizzard doesnt know that you dont have enough money to pay them and it takes some time for them to find that out. So it will let you play for 24 hours until it finds out that you dont have enough money to pay them. The second time you try this without paying your card is shall i say flagged and wont let you play that free 24 hours on the same account until you pay the 1 month fee and so on. You can do this on your friends accounts tho. Anyway……. im going to much into this again… Basically you do this same thing from steps 1-5 i thinkl.

1. Login to and go to account management.
2. Go to the payment page.
3. Enter you card info and pay for 1 month subscription.
4. And press update and what ever so it basically says “Congardulation, you have activated your account and are ready for playing” or somthing like that.
5. Okay… now login to the game. And log in to your main character, it can be any actually….’

From Ultimate Gold Guide

I haven’t tested this because I don’t play retail but I think it should be usefull to some people and Ascent Team can see this without problems, since they can’t and don’t want to fix retail bugs xD


UPDATE: Get a new CD key for 5$


This trick enables one to obtain a cd-key for as low as under $5!

What you need to do is obtain a world of warcraft manual, perhaps from a friend. You then take your friend’s receipt when he purchased WOW.

Note: The receipt must prove the purchase was within 30 days. If it has been over 30 days, or there is no receipt, you must instead include a $10 US money order.

You type up a note explaining that you bought WOW but the cd-key was missing, and you would like a new cd-key emailed to your email address.

You mail in the note, manual, and receipt to Blizzard. They will then email you the cd-key within 2 weeks and also mail you your manual back.

It is also possible to use one of the actual game CD’s instead of the manual, but I am not sure if that will work. The manual does work for sure.

Drawbacks: You only get the cd-key. A friend’s manual is required. You need either a receipt or a money order.

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