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I’ve been doing a lot of farming lately. To be honest with you, I’ve never had a need to farm gold before level 50 or so, but lots of you have been asking for farming spots for lower levels.

So, my team and I have rolled some new lowbie toons and we’re scouring Azeroth for some great low-level gold farming spots.
Stay tuned for the results of this – we’re actively seeking out the best places, and I’ll report them to you as we find them.
For you higher level guys, today I’m going to discuss farming the Scarlet Monastery.

Lots of people farm SM, but we wanted to know is it worth it?

We ran a level 60 Mortal Strike warrior, with mostly Valor armor (this is the first dungeon set of armor that you get from places
like Scholomance, Stratholme, and Blackrock Spire.

His weapon was nothing particularly great: the Obsidian Edged Blade from Molten Core.

In other words, this would be a standard level 60 character that has done some end game stuff, but not a fully decked out toon. This is important for you to know so that you can determine whether you’ll be able to farm the SM instances faster or slower than our test character.

The results below are based on a few rules:

1. ALL blues and greens were VENDORED. Nothing was placed on the auction house.
2. All cloth was made into bandages and then vendored.
3. Repair costs were removed from the total profit .
4. We ran each instance in SM 4 times, and what you see below are the averages.
5. Time shown was the time to kill every mob in the instance, and then any respawns on the way back out.

SM Graveyard:
Avg time to complete: 20 minutes
Total Profit: 6g 34s 51c
Profit per minute: 31s 73c
Profit per hour: 19g 3s 81c

SM Library:

Avg time to complete: 22 minutes
Total Profit: 7g 99s 43c
Profit per minute: 36s 33c
Profit per hour: 21g 79s 80c

SM Armory:

Avg time to complete: 31 minutes
Total Profit: 8g 54s 75c
Profit per minute: 27s 57c
Profit per hour: 16g 54s 20c

SM Cathedral:

Avg time to complete: 37 minutes
Total Profit: 10g 91s 02c
Profit per minute: 29s 49c
Profit per hour: 17g 69s 40c

Now you have some hard data to use during your farming sessions.

What can you do to improve these numbers? I have two suggestions for you.

First, because we did not put anything on the auction house, you would probably double these numbers if you auctioned the greens and blues that dropped for you. Use auctioneer to get the proper price, and rake in the extra gold.

Second, if you don’t want to pay the auction house deposits or you don’t want to risk your greens and blues not selling, pick up enchanting as one of your tradeskills and disenchant all the greens and blues that drop for you. You don’t have to pay deposits at the AH for selling enchanting materials, they are almost always in high demand, and since you can’t auction the Bind on Pickup items you get in these instances, you’ll almost certainly make more profit selling the disenchanted materials on the auction house than you’d get for vendoring the item.

Finally, don’t think that you have to be level 60 to farm SM. The mobs are around level 35, and although they are elite, they are not particularly tough.

Almost any character level 50 or higher should be able to clear out SM solo (although it will take longer that it would with a level 60 character.)

And don’t overlook the possibility of duoing SM with a friend. We were able to clear out SM with a 45 warrior and a 41 Shaman with no problems at all.

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