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Process Guard

This program makes other programs “undetectable”(for now), so warden doesn’t detect that CE is running. Atm people are using CE with Processguard without getting banned, but i would only use it on testaccounts or on private servers, because you never know when blizzard updates warden and then ban people without warning.

You can download it here:
It’s only the free version which has Control Application execution, Protect applications from termination, Protect applications from modification, Protect applications from viewing

Step by step how to make it work:
1. Download, install and reboot
2. It’s automatically started, enable protection and execution protection.
3. Minimize it and start CE(you can start any prog, it’s automatically added to your list) so it’s added to your list.
4. Reboot again, open up CE and check under “Protection”, that all the programs you want to make undectable are there. Make sure everything is enabled in the bottom left corner.
5. To make sure everything works fine reboot again and check if everything is correct.

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