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Based on my inability to read Norwegian and the quality of free translators out there here’s what I could figure out.

A Norwegian boy named Hans Jorgen Olsen, 12 years old, went out walking with his younger, 10 year old, sister in the woods. They happened upon an angry moose, who attacked his sister. And that’s where his learned WoW techniques came into play.

This is Hans the Moose-Taunter, feigner of death!

Hans plays WoW, and World of Warcraft has taught Hans a few useful skills when faced with gigantic crazed mammals. First he tauntedthe moose, hitting it repeatedly with a stick (if I’m reading that part correctly), which is obviously a WoW skill. This allowed the little girl, Hans’ sister, to escape. Then, when the crazed moose focused its attention on Hans, he utilized another skill learned form WoW: he feigned death.

Oddly, this all worked. The moose kicked at Hans a few times then, thinking him dead, left. So don’t say video games never did anything for anyone. It saved one, and possibly two, lives this day.

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  1. by will, on August 9 2009 @ 1:39 am


    wow, seriously? i haven’t played WoW for a millisecond and I would be done that

  2. by dan, on August 10 2009 @ 9:58 pm


    Right… you would have focused the moose’s hostility on yourself and then escaped mortal peril by thinking very quickly, and you can honestly claim you would have had the clarity of mind in the face of mortal danger to not freeze up or falter. I totally believe you, no seriously, good for you man, good for you.

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