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Currently, there is a mob in Gnomergan called the Leprous Technician (Leprous Technician – NPCs – World of Warcraft). Just another mob right, nothing special? Wrong.

This mob has the spell Throw Wrench: Throw Wrench – Spells – World of Warcraft . The spell does somewhere around 50 physical damage and does NOT set off the global CD. What does this mean for you? If you can spam it enough, the damage is infinite.

Now, down to the point. What you need is a level 30+ priest, with the Mind Control spell. Mind control a Lebrous Technician (Can be found near the backdoor entrance, among many other places in the instances) and create a macro that consists of the line: /cast Throw Wrench

as many times as you can fit in the macro. Now, just mind control the mob and use that macro. You will notice that every line of the /cast in your macro will go off at once, adding up to well over 500 damage a hit. This means that you can easily solo Gnomergan with a 30 priest, and with 2 priests can be used for some good farming for mounts.

It should be noted that with enough spamming, Thermaplug will go down in well under 10 seconds.

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