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 This little exploit is pretty fun, another simple get under/above type exploit. Pic to help out, enjoy it.

Ok this exploit allows you to go under the castle above UnderCity.

Special notes: You can fall into a terrainless area if you hit the wrong spot
To wall jump simply face the wall and push up then jump fast once to hit a ledge.

This allows you to drop into UnderCity if your alliance without guard or player aggro its pretty much useless to horde.

Ok if you are looking at the map you will want to be at the bottom right of the castle I don’t have the co-ords on hand but i will update with it.

So after you get here:

Just walk to the crack where the ground meets the side of the castle and wall jump your way to the top (Not all the way just just till you can stand
in between the castle and the ground.) Look to the left and jump into that hole.

Now Just jump forward in the small crack where the ground meets the castle and keep jumping forward and up till you fall into the valley.
(Sometimes it helps to turn around and jump backward)

After you hit the valley just run to the top of the ridge (closest to the front of UC on the map) and follow it over the the castle.

There is no top on the castle you will drop into a area with nothing in it. The ground will go so far in then disappear. (If you move your camera around you will see UC where you will fall) This is where if you walk off into what looks like nothing you will fall into UC.

Thats pretty much it. I will update more with pictures. Feel free to ask questions Might as well go ahead and get flames outta the way also if you got them.

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