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What you need is: 2 characters, BoE item worth something.

Character A
Character B


Character A puts an item on AH. get some useless item you cant sell on AH normally. Maybe a crappy BoE epic or blue item. Lets say you want to sell a BoE epic. You put it on AH for 500 gold. Its only 300g worth normally.

Character B logs on and start spamming trade channel. “WTB <same item as character A put on AH> , Paying 600g!!.

Now some people will check AH to see if the item is there.
And maybe some1 will pm you saying its on AH.

Well, Tell them to buy it and make 100gold.

Now. When they have bought it, and wants to trade with you, you go /afk or something to avoid them. You wont buy it anyways.

Result: You made 200g on selling a useless BoE item on AH.

This is kind of scammy, but it works about 80% of the time, always someone looking to make some easy cash.

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