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Firstly, some benefits to getting Consortium Exalted:

-A bag of uncut gems from the npc in nagrand (once per month at 31,52), with gems based on your reputation level
-Several Misc Green gem patterns
-4 Meta gem patterns
-Fel Leather Leatherworking set patterns
-Spell penetration – Cloak Enchant
-+2 Damage – Weapon Enchant
(full list at

You need the following group:

tank, preferably with some arcane resist
3 dps, preferably characters that cant run out of mana/energy/whatever they use

This can be done in normal mana tombs up to honored, but with a decent group, you might as well just do the entire run in heroic.

Clear your way to the room where the Voidwalker Boss (Pandemonius) is patrolling.
Kill everything in that room, but leave 2 of the Ethereal Sorcerers alive.

When you enter that room, there is a large ramp to your left. The tank will pick up the two sorcerers and tank them on this ramp, so that they don’t hit the rest of your party with their spells. However, the tank needs to be in line of sight with your healer on the other side of the ramp.

Give the tank time to get aggro on the two casters, then unequip your weapon and spam Demoralizing Shout. The casters will continually summon 2 small adds every couple seconds, which will aggro the healer, via healing aggro. The mobs will chase your healer down, where your dps will kill them with ease.

The adds will aoe silence though, so they need to be picked up immediately, and when the adds die, they use an aoe explosion, so cc and kill if possible, or leave one person to offtank them and heal through it. Each add will give 15 rep per kill in heroic.

If either of the sorcerers get low on health, run out of the instance and let the mobs reset. They will respawn at full health, and you can resume farming.

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